don’t u hate it when its 8:59 in the afternoon and ur eyes are already the size of the moon

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according to firefox the tumblr error page is my most visited website, i’m laughing but i’m also crying

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but is tatiana maslany aware that she looks good 100% of the time

someone tell her



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if it’s late enough and you’re lonely enough, the carly rae jepsen lyric “before you came into my life i missed you so bad” starts seeming increasingly deep and emotionally complex

3:02 AM and this fucking lyric looks like fucking nietzsche

stare into the abyss and the abyss will call you maybe

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don’t get it twisted like i respect bugs for being the best they can be in spite of their specific assigned flesh prisons and their ecological significance but they need to stay the fuck away from me 

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you never forget the first place that made you feel at peace

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I think it wasn’t fair that in the dance party at the end of the season, only two of you got to be in it. So i’m calling a dance party right now. [x]

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Anonymous asked:

tatianaception and ebrosima


tatianaception I love love love Danielle. I love her posts (they make me laugh.) She is really sweet and I am also very happy that she is my friend. I love whenever I see her on my dash. Love you fellow pirate clone

ebrosima Catt is awesome. She is also another fellow pirate clone. Awesome posts. Plus she is a cutie.

both of them are cuties. :)


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omfg straight boys complaining about high waisted shorts and crop tops… have you SEEN a girl in high waisted shorts and crop tops?????? have u seen girls’ LEGS in high waisted shorts!???? have u seen a little peek of tummy in a crop top???????? what is WRONG WITH YOU

i think straight boys might be gay

of course they are, stick a drywipe marker pen within 5 yards of them see how long it takes them to draw a dick on something

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